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Social Media Website Traffic

Unique visitors redirected from different Social Media Platforms to your website. You can choose your traffic from varied platforms provided as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumbler and Reddit. The link for the website will be fostered ahead to the selected platform and will manifest the content to the right audience. This will not only create your presence in Social Media, the promotion will lead to unique visitors directed towards the website creating a whole new audience that was otherwise tough to target. The service will not only target audience for you, but it will also help you decrease the bounce rate which would eventually help you rank your site higher than your competitors.

Referral Website Traffic

Usually websites face the issue of not receiving the niche audience. With the Referral Traffic website receives unique visitors of not only the same category of the website, but it also includes sharing the website on the E-commerce website, Discussion Forums, Blogs of major booming websites such as Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia. If a client needs to redirect traffic from any competitor website to their website that too can be done with Social King. Link building for the website is done in Referral Traffic and the audience is attracted to the website which helps the website with ranking in the longer run.

Google Organic Search

Google Organic Keyword Website Traffic: Organic Traffic is very crucial for determining the rank of a website on a search engine. Social King’s Google Organic Keyword Website Traffic helps in ranking of a website on search engine. This service not only provides you organic traffic but also gives you the liberty to choose the keyword through which you need organic traffic. This service helps the website to attract more of their niche audience straight from the search engine. The methods of acquiring the traffic through specified keywords are keyword-boosting, back-linking and writing high-quality content, which all are algorithm-driven.

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